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What do our Customers Think?

Following on from our previous post we are bringing you another fantastic overview passed across by one of our customers. Today we are delving into Kent based Sarah and David’s story. 

Where it all began;

completed hardwood conservatory in Kent

“We approached Joinery For All Seasons 3 years ago when we were hoping to rebuild our hardwood conservatory.  After our initial consultation we proceeded with the project and added in some bespoke french doors and windows too”.

When Sarah and David approached us we were ready to attack their project with as much energy and passion as ever. We love building from scratch but it’s always exciting to undergo the rebuild of a hardwood conservatory too. The existing space was tired requiring some TLC and with the nod from this duo, we were soon underway. 

How did we work? 

As ever we took the lead from our customers and did this to ensure their dream became a stunning reality. Your home is not just an investment, it’s a place of solace deserving to be everything you desire. 

“The service and quality have been second to none. This is a real family business who go above and beyond.  They have always created everything we have envisaged to perfection, even if some of our requests have been a little bold”!

It doesn’t matter what your ideas are, tell us. We always provide an honest, professional opinion whether requiring subtle or bold. Listening is a huge part of what we do because end results matter. 

We go above & beyond;

It’s great to have this strength highlighted by customers. Whilst carrying out the conservatory rebuild we designed and created a bathroom shutter. Although not part of the original project specification, this was something we were happy to do. 

Customers stay with us; 

hardwood conservatory on house

We always highlight the relationship building aspects of our company. The fact Sarah & David have booked in their next project shows how alongside great work, this element is appreciated. 

“We have already recommended their services to friends and family. Project number 3 is already booked in for us, next we shall be having custom fit wardrobes installed”.

This beautiful hardwood conservatory was wonderful to work on. Results were met with pleasure and it’s this joy that drives us here at Joinery for all Seasons. 

“Our favourite part of the house is definitely the hardwood conservatory, it is unique, and everyone always compliments us on it”. 

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Doing What we Love = Happy Customers

Having recently added a testimonial section to our website we thought it would be nice to discuss one of these by highlighting it further in a blog. As a family run team of joinery specialists based in Kent, we’re extremely passionate about every single project undertaken. Whilst it’s all very well making this statement, as a potential customer, it’s helpful for you to learn the experiences of others.

Let’s dive straight in;

We’ll begin with Carolyn from Bromley. Carolyn’s journey, like many, began with a good ‘old fashioned’ Google search. Specific to Bromley, Carolyn had a trip out to a couple of showrooms close by before arriving home, disappointed. 

So what was Carolyn looking for? 

Design style and inspiration was at the top of the list in Carolyn’s mission to discover the perfect hardwood doors and windows. Having exhausted local options and becoming disappointed with composite doors as a majority, Carolyn broadened her online investigation to the whole of Kent. 

This is where we popped up! 

Unbeknown to us, this potential customer was looking for exactly the products and services we provide. A professional, knowledgeable and friendly company that would give her confidence and the end results she envisaged.


“I actually visited to get some ideas for the style of my front door (and a feel for the company) as I didn’t really know what I wanted and the first thing that struck me was the smell of sawdust and that it was actually a working site”.


At Joinery for all Seasons we are personable and enjoy building long-lasting relationships with our customers. This all begins with a sit down and a hot drink. It was fantastic to hear afterwards how Carolyn raved about the ‘busy working environment’, so much so, her husband was disappointed in not being able to attend. 

About the project;

Carolyn and John were looking to beautify the front of their home with a hardwood front door and a replacement window next to this. Because we are good at what we do, this type of project is one of the less complex to complete. That said, the same amount of guidance, relationship building, passion and effort goes into the work. It appears we met the customer’s requirements head on, without even starting the replacements.


“Our project was as it turns out just a replacement front door and a one new window next to the front door. In the great scheme of things that’s a simple job but to me it was more than that. We have always found the ‘buying experience’ to be just as important as the product itself. If you enjoy the experience of purchasing an item then you view it with a smile on your face for many years to come”.


How did we help? 

Carolyn and John’s home was built in the 1950’s and in order to achieve the best possible results, they required some advice. Upon visiting we initially had a look at the indoor hallway. The couple were keen on allowing as much light as possible to shine through so we began by sketching an idea. From here we enjoyed a walk along the street with the pair whilst assessing existing colours and styles of other homes. Our personal, detailed service was well received and we booked a date in the diary.


Our new door has a quality feel to it especially when you close it. The design maximises the light coming into the hallway and no more draughts! (Our previous door used to stick in the summer and felt draughty in the winter)”.


We understand how important your home is and when making a purchase such as a new front door, it simply has to be right. We spend time with Carolyn looking at different wood types, paint finishes, hinges, locking mechanisms and even door furniture. 

But why did we do this? 

Because we care and are proud of our profession. Carolyn and John will be looking at their new front door and window for many years to come. With this in mind, it has to be perfect. Our customers have to be happy with our designs and even fall in love with them. When this happens, we leave a project, satisfied.


I am delighted with our completed front door and window installation!

Joinery For All Seasons provide an excellent, personable and responsive family run service. The door suits our home, the price was excellent and the buying experience was second to none. We highly recommend Joinery For All Seasons and would like to extend our thanks to Daryl, Natalie and all the team”!

nhs workers

Discount for NHS & Healthcare Workers

Hello and welcome to Joinery for all Seasons, a family lead company based in Kent, in the South East. Covering the local area including London and Surrey we will travel further if requested. With over 30 years of experience we have built up a fantastic reputation, highlighted via online reviews. Such positive feedback has been earned through hard work, knowledge and of course, a passion for what we do.

Times have been Testing

It’s certainly been a tough few months for many of us across the UK. COVID-19 has brought the majority of the nation to a sharp halt. Shops, companies, factories and schools have had to close their doors in order to remain safe. We’re no different. That said, not everyone has had the luxury of working from home or indeed, being furloughed. The latter, whilst not ideal has given individuals the option to make memories with those in their households. The same cannot be said however for doctors, nurses and healthcare workers. 

We’d Like to Say Thank You

10% off written on chalk board

As Coronavirus swept it’s way across the world, workers of the NHS, nursing homes and other medical establishments have been working tirelessly. Many medical staff have been redeployed to alternative departments in order to cope with rising numbers of patients. Couple this with increased working hours and for some, being apart from their loved ones, times are sure to have been challenging. 

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all NHS staff and healthcare workers. The time, effort and care you have put in will not go unnoticed and we are extremely grateful to everyone for helping the UK in beating this virus. 

And that’s not all;

To show our appreciation we would like to offer NHS and healthcare workers a 10% discount off our joinery services. Having worked arduously over the last three months, at Joinery for all Seasons, we feel this is the very least we can do. 

What Does the Discount Cover? 

If you’ve been considering an extension for a while and never quite got around to it, 10% will be taken off a brand new hardwood conservatory or orangery. Perhaps you’d like a fresh new look with hardwood windows and doors? This is another specific area of expertise and we work hard in creating the perfect look based on your vision. 

Gain some inspiration with our portfolio. Here you will find stunning examples of the projects we have carried out across the South East. 

Thank you once again to all NHS and healthcare workers. You’re doing us proud. 


Is Planning Permission Required to Build a Conservatory?

For anyone thinking about building a conservatory today, you sure do have a lot of things to consider. A conservatory is a fine example of bridging the divide between being outside and inside. It allows you to enjoy nature more whilst making sure you are still protected and indoors to an extent. However, the problem with going ahead with such a build is the need for planning permission can be needlessly confusing.

architect drawings

Despite adding immense value and extra space to your home, conservatories can be hard to get started on due to the complexity of planning permission laws. Thankfully, this appears to be changing quite drastically after new 2019 legislation made the whole process so much simpler to understand.

So, the general rule is that if you wish to go ahead and build on your property and make use of any land or buildings then you will need planning permission. This means that you need to take into account the impact that your investment would have on the local area and other properties in the area. However, not EVERY property needs to have planning permission to be adjusted and built.

We have what is known as ‘permitted development rights’, and many single-storey property extensions, like a conservatory, can fall within this particular agreement. However, the best thing that you can do is check with your local council, or the team building your conservatory, to go ahead and find out whether or not your personal project needs to have planning permission.

When do I not need planning permission to build a conservatory?

Since May 2019, it’s now much easier to build a conservatory without having to go through planning permission. Planning permission is needed depending on how extensive you intend to make the new build. Today, homeowners across England can go ahead and build a conservatory without having planning permission if you can meet some strict criteria.

For a home that is detached, you can make an addition as large as 8m in size without having to get planning permission. For semi-detached or terraced homes, though, you can go as far as a 6m conservatory without needing to go and get any kind of planning permission.

It also has to be within a 3 to 4m height range. It also cannot cover more than half of your garden, and the roof ridge of the top of your conservatory must not be taller than the eaves of your properties roof. Also, any side conservatory builds must also not extend around half the width of your home. So, you have quite a few regulations that you need to try and make sure you follow closely.

That can be tough to do, which is why we always recommend reaching out for professional advice as soon as you can. There is no real benefit to not looking for advice before building. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

So long as you try and build within the confines listed above, though, you should have no problem in building a planning-permission free conservatory.

orangery by joinery for all seasons

Spring into the New Season with a Conservatory

Spring is the season of change. The weather becomes warmer, the flowers begin to bud and the animals come out of hibernation. This spring is the perfect time to consider a conservatory as a new addition to your home. Conservatories are a splendid idea for those of us looking for more space to entertain and to relax over the coming months. With conservatories becoming more popular, especially with young people and families, it is easy to see the benefits of adding this space to your home.

cherry tree blossom

A modern alternative…

No longer are conservatories considered to be ‘old fashioned’. Modern conservatories and orangeries are an ideal way to bring the outdoors into the comfort of the indoors. With current trends in 2020 leaning towards rustic, timber furnishing and solid oak floors, it is easy to create a modern, yet comfortable feeling. For an added touch of contemporary style, the addition of plants in mismatched pots can add a nice element. If you’re not greenfingered, do not fear, false plants will create the same aesthetic.

Summer nights and winter’s evenings…

lantern on bench with book and glasses

Conservatories are not only for warm summer days lazing around with family and friends, they are perfect for all-weathers and seasons. Spending those cold, dark winter nights, wrapped up in your conservatory, listening to the rain falling on the roof makes for a wonderful evening. Or, if you’re not a night owl, eating your breakfast while watching the sun rise through the autumn and winter might be more your cup of tea. No matter what you’re into, a conservatory can be a hub of relaxation.

Endless possibilities!

With many different styles and designs to choose from, finding a conservatory to suit your needs has never been easier. If you are a cosy person, who loves overstuffed furniture and tonnes of blankets and pillows, opting for a conservatory with warmer timbers and plenty of space for seating might be an option for you. If you are more contemporary, bringing ‘outdoor’ bistro sets indoors can be a great stylistic feature and focus piece to accompany modern fixtures and fittings. There are endless possibilities for ways you can utilise your conservatory to make it a useful, relaxing and stylish addition to your home. 

Dining room, play room, office, or sitting room!


If you love your home, but need more space, then a conservatory is a practical option to consider. No matter what you need the space for, maybe a dining room, play room, office or sitting room, your conservatory can provide for this. A conservatory is a blank canvas for you to place your stamp upon. Whether you are looking for year round relaxation, or somewhere to host parties, a conservatory is the perfect choice for you. 

5 Ways To Keep Your Conservatory Cool During Summer

5 Ways To Keep Your Conservatory Cool During Summer

At Joinery For All Seasons, it is our pleasure to provide breath-taking conservatories to suit your home.

Here in this blog post, we would like to share the top 5 ways to keep your conservatory cool during the summer.

1. Solar roof 

Having a solar roof installed to your property is beneficial as it helps not only keep your conservatory cool in the peak of summer, but also helps prevent furniture fading from the sun’s strong UV rays. This will make your conservatory more relaxing and avoid damage to your skin from the extreme UV rays.

2. Blinds

Using blinds is also a great way to block the heat and offer you more privacy in a room. It also adds more style to your room and absorbs the heat during the winter, which saves you from using heaters. Blinds also cost less which is suitable for those who are on a tight budget.

3. Cooling Film

Apart from the solar roof, you could consider using cooling film instead. This film also does similar jobs as the solar roof, reducing glare and protecting you and your furniture from extreme UV rays.

4. Good Ventilation

It’s important to make sure the air flows smoothly through a room, especially during the hot summer as this will help to keep your conservatory cool. Therefore, you should include enough windows that can be opened.

5. Air Conditioning

This is the most effective way to keep your conservatory cool when it’s hot. This may be costly to install in your property. If you use the conservatory often it will benefit you in the long run because, many air conditioner can be used for heating as well as cooling, which will save time and space to purchase a heating separately.

5 Common Mistakes Seen In Conservatories

5 Common Mistakes Seen In Conservatories

At Joinery For All Seasons, we aim to make sure our customers are fully satisfied with their conservatories without an issue.

In this blog post, we would like to share the top 5 common mistakes seen in conservatories.

1. Choosing the wrong style

It’s important to have a clear idea of the style you want for your conservatory which suits the house. If you select the wrong style, this could affect the mood and the atmosphere in the house. For example, if you are using the conservatory as a children play area, you would choose a colourful design to style the room which will give a positive, energetic and happy environment for children.

2. The size of your furnishings 

You must make sure to have an accurate measurements of your furnishings to place in the conservatory. This will avoid hassle and time to change the sizes of your furnishings.

3. Restricting the view

The main benefit of adding a conservatory is bringing a great view and scenery to brighten up the house. Therefore, it is important to have a thorough plan of how and where the windows and doors should be positioned in order to make the most of having a nice view during the summer season.

4. The location of your conservatory

You should be aware of where to build a conservatory on your house. The reason for this is because, part of your house may be cooler during the day which is suitable to lay a conservatory. Ideally, you should avoid placing your conservatory in a spot where it is hit by direct sunlight all day as this will cause stuffiness during a heated summer.

5. Flooring

The type of flooring you choose is important as a conservatory is completely different than the flooring you used in your living room etc. For example, using a carpet for the conservatory is not appropriate as it gets dirty easily and non water resistant, which will be time consuming to clean. Therefore, the better choice will be ceramic tiles as it’s stronger which last for a longer period, water resistant and easier to clean.

5 Factors Affecting Conservatory Prices

5 Factors Affecting Conservatory Prices

At Joinery For All Seasons, we aim to provide breath-taking and fully customised hardwood conservatories that will blend in with your home perfectly.

In this blog post, we would like to share the top 5 factors affecting conservatory prices.

1. Design

With so many designs to select from, each one varies in pricing. The more complex the design, the higher the pricing.

2. Size

The size is the main factor that will affect the cost. The bigger your conservatory, more materials are needed and increase in pricing.

You must take into consideration of whether your property has enough extra space for a conservatory.

3. Type Of Glass

Depending on your budget, the type of glass you choose varies in pricing based on the functionality of the glass. Here are a few to consider:

Thermally efficient glass – Helps to prevent the heat from escaping the room. You can consider installing double-glazed panels filled with an energy efficient gas, such as argon.

Self cleaning glass – A special outer coating that reacts with sunlight to break down dirt, which will save time from cleaning the windows often.

Anti-glare, reflective or tinted glass – Helps to reduce the sun’s glare. This will be useful during the summer, especially if your conservatory will be facing the sun for the majority of the day.

4. Material

Frames – Most people choose aluminium or PVC as it has longer maintenance, which equals to higher cost. Whereas if you’re on a lower budget, you could choose wood, however it’ll need to be repainted over time.

Walls – There are a few types of walls you can consider – fully glazed, full height and dwarf walls. The bigger the size of the walls, the more costly it’ll be.

Roof – Glass or solid or a combination of both?  You will need to consider what to use your conservatory for, i.e. indoor gardening – choosing glass roof will be ideal to allow plenty of natural sunlight coming through.

5. Installer

It’s important to get a good quality installer for your conservatory in order to guarantee everything are functioning properly. Make sure you thoroughly research online, recommendation and reviews before selecting an installer.


5 Incredible Window Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

5 Incredible Window Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

At Joinery For All Seasons, we aim to create high quality windows for your home. 

In this blog post, we would like to share the top 5 window designs that will blow your mind.

1. Sainte-Chapelle – France 

Sainte-Chapelle was also known as Holy Chapel. It is a royal chapel in the Gothic style, located at Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris, France. The chapel was built by  King Louis IX between 1241 and 1248 in order to house the Holy Relics of the Passion. 


Sainte-Chapelle – France
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sainte-Chapelle


2. Grossmünster – Zurich, Switzerland

The Grossmünster symblolize the Romanesque style Protestant church in Zurich. It is well known as one of the four major churches in the city. The window is designed by Sigmar Polke in 2009. 


Grossmünst – Zurich, Switzerland
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grossm%C3%BCnster


3. St. Vitus Cathedral – Prague, Czech Republic 

St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Prague, also known as Katedrála Svatého Víta. 

The stained glass window was designed by Mucha during the early 1930s. It portrays a boy named St. Wenceslas with his grandmother, St. Ludmila in the centre and surrounded by the lives of Saints Cyril and Methodius who spread Christianity among the Slavs.


St Vitus Cathedral

4. Skylight at the Palau de la Música Catalana – Barcelona, Spain

The skylight of the Palau de la Música Catalana features the stained-glass windows built in arches that line both sides of the main concert hall. It represents the sun and sky.

Palau Vitrall platea

Palau Vitrall platea
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palau_de_la_M%C3%BAsica_Catalana


5. Church of Notre-Dame Au Sablon Stained Glass

The church is located in the Sablon district in the historic centre of Brussels. It has been said the church was seen as inferior by the wealthy citizens of Brussels. It is characterized by its late Brabantine Gothic exterior and rich interior decoration including two Baroque chapels


Church of Notre-Dame Au Sablon Stained Glass
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/03/stained-glass-windows-photos_n_5256052.html

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Build A Conservatory

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Build A Conservatory

At Joinery For All Seasons, we aim to create the conservatory of your dreams.

In this blog post, we would like to share the top 5 things to keep in mind before you build a conservatory.

 1. Design

It’s important to have a design idea for a new conservatory so it suits with the house.  This will depend on what you want to use it for, i.e. play room, study, dining. Also consider how often the conservatory will be used, especially during winter season. 

2. Ventilation and Heating

It’s important to consider the ventilation and heating in a conservatory, especially if it’s used as a green house as plants are very sensitive with the slight change of temperature. 
Therefore, you could consider installing under floor heating, which can either be an electric system or plumbed into your existing central heating. The system will be fully covered under the surface and best yet it will make walking in the conservatory bare-footed much more pleasant, especially for elderly people.

3. The Roof 

It’s important to have a strong and stable roof that is resistant to the inconsistent British weather. You could consider a transparent roof  so it can attract plenty of natural sunlight into the house. 
To make it easier to clean the roof, you should install a tilted roof so that less rubbish and dirt are left on the roof, especially during stormy weather. 

4. Planning Permission 

The main points to consider before you start your conservatory project: 

  • No more than 50% of the original land around your property can be covered with additions.
  • You cannot add an extension if your property is facing a highway.
  • Your conservatory should not be any bigger than 3 metres for a semi-detached house, and 4 metres for a detached house. 

5. Conservatory Base type

Concrete base 

  •  Ideal for installing under floor heating
  •  Easy to build  
  •  Good for long term use 

Steel Base

  •  Ideal for areas that has restricted access i.e. sloping areas 
  •  No need to remove drains or soils 
  •  Cost effective 
  •  Quicker to install


We hope you enjoyed reading about these 5 things to keep in mind before you build a conservatory. If you have any questions or ideas for a conservatory you’d like to ask us about please do get in contact.