Box Sash Windows

Box Sash Windows Kent

A Mechanical Masterpiece

A box sash-style window consists of panels that slide vertically through a system of cords, weights and pulleys. This type of window is perfect for more traditional styled homes.

For All Functions — Modernised Beauty

At Joinery for All Seasons, we offer a range of box sash windows for your home. With three decades of artisan woodworking experience, we install your new windows to the highest quality. Our range includes hardwood box sash windows which undeniably improve the appearance of one’s home: adding character to the exterior.

Box sash windows originate from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, adding a traditional flair to a home with their mechanical operation and aged style. Our box sash windows are designed and installed to the highest quality, so you have a traditional-looking window that functions to modern standards.

Our windows are designed and installed to be secure and airtight, with ease of operation in mind. Safety is a priority for every home, so we ensure your windows are both durable and designed to deter burglaries.

For All Homes — Stylistic Versatility

Add a signature Victorian allure to your home with a Joinery for All Seasons box sash window — handcrafted by our master craftsmen to not only suit, but also enhance the design of your home. We provide hardwood box sash windows of various sizes and designs, all at highly competitive prices.

Joinery for All Seasons will coordinate with you throughout the entire process, ensuring your casement window look and function exactly how you want them to.

For All Seasons — Guaranteed Quality

With Joinery for All Seasons, we assure you that the box sash windows of your home will exude the ambience you desire. Whether it is the archaic beauty of the Victorian era or the intricate elegance of Edwardian times, you can trust that we are to meet your expectations in woodworking and construction. The intersection of longevity and aesthetics can be found in our box sash windows of high-class quality, but made for you at competitive prices.

Joinery for All Seasons is the premier carpentry, joinery and construction company renowned in Kent and Surrey for providing products of the highest standards to homes throughout the UK. Let us build your box sash windows — contact us today for a free consultation.

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You can see some examples of our box sash windows below: