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Doing What we Love = Happy Customers

Having recently added a testimonial section to our website we thought it would be nice to discuss one of these by highlighting it further in a blog. As a family run team of joinery specialists based in Kent, we’re extremely passionate about every single project undertaken. Whilst it’s all very well making this statement, as a potential customer, it’s helpful for you to learn the experiences of others.

Let’s dive straight in;

We’ll begin with Carolyn from Bromley. Carolyn’s journey, like many, began with a good ‘old fashioned’ Google search. Specific to Bromley, Carolyn had a trip out to a couple of showrooms close by before arriving home, disappointed. 

So what was Carolyn looking for? 

Design style and inspiration was at the top of the list in Carolyn’s mission to discover the perfect hardwood doors and windows. Having exhausted local options and becoming disappointed with composite doors as a majority, Carolyn broadened her online investigation to the whole of Kent. 

This is where we popped up! 

Unbeknown to us, this potential customer was looking for exactly the products and services we provide. A professional, knowledgeable and friendly company that would give her confidence and the end results she envisaged.


“I actually visited to get some ideas for the style of my front door (and a feel for the company) as I didn’t really know what I wanted and the first thing that struck me was the smell of sawdust and that it was actually a working site”.


At Joinery for all Seasons we are personable and enjoy building long-lasting relationships with our customers. This all begins with a sit down and a hot drink. It was fantastic to hear afterwards how Carolyn raved about the ‘busy working environment’, so much so, her husband was disappointed in not being able to attend. 

About the project;

Carolyn and John were looking to beautify the front of their home with a hardwood front door and a replacement window next to this. Because we are good at what we do, this type of project is one of the less complex to complete. That said, the same amount of guidance, relationship building, passion and effort goes into the work. It appears we met the customer’s requirements head on, without even starting the replacements.


“Our project was as it turns out just a replacement front door and a one new window next to the front door. In the great scheme of things that’s a simple job but to me it was more than that. We have always found the ‘buying experience’ to be just as important as the product itself. If you enjoy the experience of purchasing an item then you view it with a smile on your face for many years to come”.


How did we help? 

Carolyn and John’s home was built in the 1950’s and in order to achieve the best possible results, they required some advice. Upon visiting we initially had a look at the indoor hallway. The couple were keen on allowing as much light as possible to shine through so we began by sketching an idea. From here we enjoyed a walk along the street with the pair whilst assessing existing colours and styles of other homes. Our personal, detailed service was well received and we booked a date in the diary.


Our new door has a quality feel to it especially when you close it. The design maximises the light coming into the hallway and no more draughts! (Our previous door used to stick in the summer and felt draughty in the winter)”.


We understand how important your home is and when making a purchase such as a new front door, it simply has to be right. We spend time with Carolyn looking at different wood types, paint finishes, hinges, locking mechanisms and even door furniture. 

But why did we do this? 

Because we care and are proud of our profession. Carolyn and John will be looking at their new front door and window for many years to come. With this in mind, it has to be perfect. Our customers have to be happy with our designs and even fall in love with them. When this happens, we leave a project, satisfied.


I am delighted with our completed front door and window installation!

Joinery For All Seasons provide an excellent, personable and responsive family run service. The door suits our home, the price was excellent and the buying experience was second to none. We highly recommend Joinery For All Seasons and would like to extend our thanks to Daryl, Natalie and all the team”!