Box Sash Windows Wimbledon

Stunning Box Sash Windows for Wimbledon Homes

The box sash window has been with us since the 17th century and became the default window on most houses during the 19th century. Box sash windows are typically crafted from wood and have a counterweight tucked away inside the frame that helps lift and hold the window in place. Today, they have been largely usurped by the vinyl window that uses a constant force balance system that does not rely on a counterweight. But there are still many people who think the box sash window a more elegant product. These people either maintain existing box sash windows on their home, or choose to replace their modern windows with the more traditional version.

Beautiful Box Sash Windows in Wimbledon

Not too long ago the box sash window seemed likely to disappear from the scene altogether. About the only place they could be found anymore was in Listed Buildings, a great many of which had/have box sash windows. Because it is illegal to remove or modify the box sash windows on a Listed Building without permission from the Local Authority, (which is almost never granted), the box sash survived. In recent years, however, they have done more than survive. There has been a rebirth of interest in venerable box sash windows in Wimbledon and elsewhere. A movement that we at Joinery For All Seasons endorse wholeheartedly. If you are considering box sash windows for your Wimbledon home we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide them for you.

Joinery For All Seasons: The Box Sash Window Experts

We are a family-owned and operated business and take enormous pride in everything we do. Our box sash windows are designed specifically for your home and handcrafted in our workshop. The same master craftsmen who design and build your box sash windows perform the installation as well. That way, you can be sure the job is done right and that your new windows will be leakproof and perform flawlessly. We are fully insured and all our work is guaranteed. Call us on 01795 661248 to learn more about box sash windows for your home.

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You can see some examples of our box sash windows below: