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Joinery for All Seasons become a Corporate Sponsor for the World Land Trust

“We are proud to announce that Joinery for All Seasons are an official corporate supporter of the World Land Trust.

We have pledged to donate £5 for every project we complete over the next year. This is the exact amount required to plant and nurture a new tree in one of the endangered forests protected by the World Land Trust.

Each donation made will provide a new sapling for the forest and will also cover the maintenance needed to support that tree until it becomes strong enough to survive independently within its new environment.

We have been responsibly sourcing our timber for years, but this new partnership allows us to give something back. We feel incredibly passionate about supporting initiatives like this and are delighted to be onboard.”

Natalie, Director at Joinery for All Seasons

To find out more about this fantastic organisation, or to see how you can help too, visit