Oak Doors Surrey

Oak Doors Surrey

Whereas oak doors in Surrey were once standard fare, today most doors are fashioned from low-cost composites. At Joinery for All Seasons we believe in reversing this trend. We produce bespoke Oak doors that add a timeless element to your domestic experience while enhancing the market value of your home.

Handcrafted Oak Doors in Surrey

Every day we are encouraged to accept more and more “virtual” experiences as substitutes for the real thing. When coupled with the move away from natural materials, it’s fair to say that our quality of life is under siege. If we are to stay properly grounded in the real world it’s more important than ever to reassert the primacy of quality materials and traditional craftsmanship, especially in the home.

Oak doors from Joinery for All Seasons are meticulously crafted from sustainably sourced oak and expertly installed by our team of experienced fitters. We take great pride in the way our doors look and feel and design them to dovetail with a variety of architectural styles.

Whether you have a Georgian townhouse, a Victorian detached home, a semi-detached timber frame home or a dazzling postmodern dwelling the right oak door from Joinery for All Seasons will provide it with an authoritative air you simply can’t get with composites.

The Small Upgrade with Impressive ROI

When people think about home improvement projects that produce an attractive ROI they tend to think of big-ticket projects such as kitchen or bathroom remodels. While it’s true that those projects typically do provide an impressive return, they take a back seat to a more unexpected upgrade: replacing the front door.

Front door replacement – especially when a handcrafted oak door is involved – typically produces a better ROI than either a kitchen or bathroom remodel, a new deck, a basement remodel or replacing your windows. So if you are looking for a way to give your home a nice bump in value without having to invest £50,000 – £100,000, consider a beautiful oak door from Joinery for All Seasons.

Other Benefits of Oak Doors

Oak doors in Surrey provide a wide range of benefits beyond those already mentioned, including:

  • Noise reduction – Solid oak is an excellent noise insulator. If you formerly had a composite entry door you’ll notice a big difference with an oak door.
  • Enhanced security – Solid oak doors provide a level of security composites can’t match. You may even get a slight break on your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Durability – If properly maintained a solid oak door will last for many decades. It’s possible the oak door you install today will still be in place when your baby inherits the house.
  • Thermal insulation – Oak doors not only insulate against street noise, they also provide outstanding thermal insulation.

Get in Touch with Joinery for All Seasons

Beautiful, durable, cost-effective oak doors from Joinery for All Seasons are the smart choice for any home style from Georgian to postmodern. Get in touch today by calling 01795 661248 to learn more about our solid oak doors and to order one for your Surrey home.