Roof Lanterns Reigate

Breathtaking Roof Lanterns in Reigate

If you have a room that is light-starved but is directly under a portion of the roof, a roof lantern can be a great way to open the space up. Roof lanterns provide a timeless touch that looks equally compelling whether your home is a 150 year old Victorian or a brand new postmodern marvel.

A roof lantern is an elegant feature that makes any room seem much larger and airier and instantly boosts the market value of your home. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to enhance your domestic experience, roof lanterns in Reigate from Joinery for all Seasons are a great option.

Stately, Stylish Roof Lanterns for Reigate Homes

Unlike rooflights that tend to be single windows installed on sloping roofs, a roof lantern is a multi-pane construction that replaces a large section of a flat roof. Roof lanterns are typically rectangular in shape and rise to a central point that runs down the centre of the long axis.

If you are remodelling your Reigate home and looking for a way to make it seem more spacious without adding to the footprint, a roof lantern can be an ideal choice. If you are building a new home consider incorporating a roof lantern from Joinery for All Seasons into the plan to add drama and light.

Trust the Design Experts at Joinery for All Seasons

A roof lantern will instantly elevate the way people experience your Reigate home. But designing and installing one is not a job for amateurs. Because this architectural feature is installed directly into the roof it will need to stand up to rigorous scrutiny by local building inspectors. They will be looking to make sure it is structurally sound and that any rearranging of the roof joists was done properly.

At Joinery for all Seasons, we offer a true turnkey service where every aspect of your roof lantern project is handled in-house. This ensures every person involved in the project knows what everyone else is doing, eliminating the kinds of miscommunication that often plague building projects. To discuss a roof lantern for your home, call us on 01795 661248.