Oak Front Doors

Oak Doors

Oak doors are one of the most popular types of  hardwood doors throughout the world. They are often the first choice for many homeowners, as external oak doors are a classic feature for many homes.

Joinery for All Seasons takes pride in producing high-quality durable oak doors that use prime quality oak. Whether your design is modern or traditional, with a standard or glazed oak finish, we specialise in finding the perfect door for your home.

We produce some of the finest hardwood doors in the region, with our years of craftsmanship.

Why Choose an Oak Door?

Homeowners choose the strength and classic appeal of oak doors for many reasons:

Aesthetic Appeal

Oak’s grain and natural timber grain add warmth and texture to a room or hallway.

Oak doors are not restricted to being exterior additions. Solid oak internal doors are ideal for home offices, study rooms, and any room that can benefit from its warmth and elegance.

Oak is also suitable for multiple interior styles as it is a very versatile wood. These doors suit rustic, contemporary minimalist, or traditionally ornate designs in interior décor.


Oak is famous for its enduring qualities. Just as oak trees stand for hundreds of years, the robust durability of oak doors is second to none. For homeowners who want lasting furnishings or aim to pass their homes down in good condition to future generations, oak is one of the best investments available.

Exterior oak doors, with proper treatment and refinishing, can last over 30 years. Inside the house, an oak door easily lasts 60 years or more. This hardwood’s durability and sturdy frame add incredible long-term value to any home, more than veneer or laminate options.


Oak doors can also insulate a room better than other doors. Wooden doors, particularly hardwood doors, retain the natural insulating properties of naturally inherent in wood. They prevent drafts and trap heat indoors, making them energy efficient and ideal during the colder seasons.

Your oak doors, both external and internal doors, can save you money in heating bills.

Better Acoustics

For music-loving homeowners, oak is a prime choice for better indoor acoustics. Oak is known for its acoustic properties, and is capable of absorbing sound. They’re great additions to a home studio or recording room.

For people with home offices or study rooms, oak doors can provide an ideal solution to keeping noise to a minimum. As an exterior door, it can block out outside noises, and is ideal for homes on busy streets.

Quality Oak Doors Give You More Benefits

To reap all the benefits of a good oak door, you need to ensure that your door is made with superb craftsmanship and quality timber.

Consult with us today and talk to an expert to find the perfect oak door for your home. We can find oak or any other type of timber door that might be more suitable for your needs and budget.