Rachel, London.

We moved into our house in August 2019.  It had to be gutted completely as it really needed modernisation. Because of the cost of doing all the work and the cost of buying a new door that was not off the shelf, we only looked at changing the door when we had saved up a little.

Also, winter had been cold, and the old door was letting in a lot of cold as well as the street sounds were flooding in through the gaps.

During Lockdown we had time to walk around the neighbourhood a lot.  I kept looking at all the doors around and thought that the style of door was the most in keeping and by making it grey, it would give it a more contemporary twist.  It is not too fancy, works with the ‘crittall’ style windows and lets a lot more light in than the previous one.I looked at 6 different companies, in the end I chose to wait and go for Joinery for All Seasons as I would get what I wanted, and a reasonable price with a friendly service. When I got through to Natalie on the phone, she was very friendly and she went through the price options really quickly, letting me know how I could save some costs without jeopardising the quality.

The service was very good and friendly.  Daryl came round just to be sure the site survey was right and was able to make some very good suggestions.  I like the porch design on top of the door that mimics the roof shape of the house.

It was hard for the change not to be an improvement as the old door and car porch was hideous.  But everyone likes the door and random neighbours I have never met before have stopped and commented.

“I would recommend Joinery for All Seasons to any of my friends and family.”