Some of the Good We Do

As a family business, we aim to be ethical, responsible, and mindful of the environment we work in. We continually seek ways to further improve the impact we have on our planet, taking responsibility to create a sustainable product.

Recycling and Repurposing our Timber

We have always strived to reduce waste left over from any new project.  Our factory in Kent has a dedicated area for any “overs”. We encourage local residents and businesses to pop in and collect our scrap timber because it can provide a variety of solutions.

Our favourite story is from a customer who used some of our excess Accoya wood for an upcycle project. Mr Gibbs is Chairman of the British Hot Rod Association, and had planned to use the timber scraps to build a beach buggy racing car.  After months of hard work and dedication he decided that his finished product was too good for the beach. Modelled on an Italian Riveria style boat, with a stunning natural timber and deep blue gloss finish, he decided to keep the car for show purposes.  Don’t be fooled, this little car can reach speeds of 70mph!

Street Trees for Living

We are supporting Street Trees for Living, a fantastic charity led initiative to bring the pollution down around some of the most affected London schools.

Up to 200 trees will be planted around 20 schools, colleges, or nurseries. Those recognised as being located in the highest polluted areas will get priority.

As well as trying to restore the local environmental balance, the children will be educated on the importance of this project, with tree maintenance being added into their curriculum.

Our first tree has already been planted in the Lewisham area.

For more information visit Street Trees for Living

The World Land Trust

Joinery for All Seasons are an official corporate supporter of the World Land Trust.

We have pledged to donate £5 for every project we complete over the next year. This is the exact amount required to plant and nurture a new tree in one of the endangered forests protected by the World Land Trust.

Each donation made will provide a new sapling for the forest and will also cover the maintenance needed to support that tree until it becomes strong enough to survive independently within its new environment.

“We have been responsibly sourcing our timber for years, but this new partnership allows us to give something back. We feel incredibly passionate about supporting initiatives like this and are delighted to be onboard.”

Natalie, Director at Joinery for All Seasons.

To find out a little more on the World Land Trust visit What We Do – World Land Trust