Victorian Doors Croydon

Victorian Doors Croydon

At Joinery for All Seasons, we produce handcrafted interior and exterior entry doors of distinction for our clients in Croydon. That includes traditional Victorian entry doors that evoke the splendour of the Age of Empire. Our Victorian doors for Croydon homes are faithful to 19th-century design aesthetics and are fashioned using many of the same traditional techniques that were in use in the workshops of the time.

Our designers have spent many long hours researching Victorian architectural motifs and have gone to great lengths to create doors that are historically accurate. These are no ordinary entry doors like you will get at the home improvement centre. Instead, Victorian doors from Joinery for All Seasons are faithful recreations of the highest quality doors from the 1900s and would no doubt elicit gasps of approval from your great-great grandparents if they could see them.

A Brief Look at Victorian Doors

The Victorian era was all about abundance, optimism and grand expressions of confidence. These attributes were perfectly expressed in the entry doors of the period. Victorian front doors conveyed a sense of status and were designed to create an impression on the visitor that would stay with them as they entered the home.

Victorian external entry doors were usually crafted from solid oak and featured elaborate framing that often included stain glass sidelights, and sometimes stained glass panels on the door itself. The door was typically painted in one of several dark, rich colours – typically green, red, black or dark blue – and doorknobs, hinges and other hardware were fashioned from solid brass. The overall effect was one of permanence and affluence, (with a nod to history) giving the impression that the family that lived within was one to be reckoned with.

Interior Victorian Doors

The typical interior Victorian door lacked the grandeur of the entryway door but was still a significant contributor to the decor. Most were comprised of 4 panels with the upper panel typically extending ⅔ the length of the door and separated from the shorter bottom panels by a horizontal mullion.

You can usually determine what part of the Victorian era an internal door was made by the number of panels, with 4-panel doors being the norm during the early and middle part of the era and 6-panel doors appearing as the 20th century neared.

There was no compelling reason to have a heavy oak door separating rooms and so, in most cases, Victorian craftsmen fashioned interior doors from pine rather than oak or another hardwood. Occasionally they would add beading around the panels to give them more visual gravitas. This was especially true for doors that lead to more important rooms.

For Dazzling Victorian Doors in Croydon, Contact Joinery for All Seasons

We go to great lengths to create Victorian doors that are indistinguishable from those produced during the 19th century. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the quality of the materials and attention to detail that will make a Victorian door from Joinery for All Seasons an invaluable addition to your Croydon home.