Bi-Folding Doors

Bi Folding Doors

Style That Doesn’t Stymie

A bi-folding door consists of two collapsible panels that contract towards the doorframe. These types of doors are perfect for homes with open-planned living areas or for tight spaces such as, closets and hallways.

For All Functions — Space-Saving Ingenuity

Joinery for All Seasons offers a range of quality designed bi-folding doors. Handcrafted using high quality materials, our bi-folding doors are both stylish and functional.

Bi-folding doors seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces. With bi-folding doors, they offer functional and flexible living spaces to any home, allowing indoor living spaces to fluidly connect to the outdoors. Bi-folding door replace the conventional opening panel door, eliminating the door swing arc, adding space to a room for a stylish yet functional space.

Bi-folding doors are extremely versatile for a number of uses, including bedroom closets to kitchen extensions; convenient access is guaranteed with a Joinery for All Seasons’ bi-fold door. These are the modernised equivalent of single panel doors, providing the same level of security and access with just a fraction of the space. Our bi-folding doors are crafted using choice hardwoods, offering a durable and stylish finish.

For All Homes — Stylistic Versatility

Introduce space-saving style to your home with a Joinery for All Seasons bi-folding door — handcrafted by our master craftsmen to not only suit, but also enhance the design of your home. We provide competitively priced bi-folding doors of various sizes and designs. We provide products that look and function exactly how our customers want them to and we effectively communicate and co-ordinate with our customers throughout the entire process.

For All Seasons — Guaranteed Quality

Quality is not to be questioned with Joinery for All Seasons. As the trusted company in Kent, Surrey and throughout the UK for bi-folding doors, we guarantee homeowners that their homes are to showcase modern luxury whilst providing functional convenience. Our team of master woodworking artists craft doors with resilient and tasteful hardwood. This serves to provide your home with a collapsible door of the highest standards in both style and substance.

Joinery for All Seasons only creates products a homeowner will be more than excited to experience. Kent’s premier carpentry, joinery and construction company serves homeowners UK-wide with personalised service and a commitment to quality. Open your doors to us as we construct yours; contact us today for a free consultation.